Hello car2go client for WebOS!

This is my very first WebOS application but not the last. I am developing actually Qt-based car2go client but I am also a big fan of WebOS and that’s why you see this blog.

After spending some time studying all pre-installed HP Pre  apps I decided to write car2go client for it. If you don’t know what car2go is, please visit this site www.car2go.com

  1. In the very first version you will be able to find all free car2go vehicles for all car2go cities like Ulm in Germany, Amsterdam in Holland, and so on.
  2. You can also see the nearest 10 vehicles in a map view.
  3. You can let navigate you to any car2go POI say parking slot, gas station and of course car2go vehicle. It is very strange that this is not supported by Symbian. They have great great offline maps and navigation solution but …
  4. And finally you can make your 15 min reservation of car2go vehicle.

The very first version of my WebOS car2go client is submitted to HP App Catalogue and currently under review. Hope they will publish it.

But here are some screen captures of the first version

all free car2go vehicles in a list viewAll free car2go vehicles in a list
the nearest 10 vehicles in a map view

the nearest 10 vehicles in a map view

preferences view

preferences view

And of course this app is open source.  I will post soon the link to the source repository. Stay tuned 🙂

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17 Responses to Hello car2go client for WebOS!

  1. Sylver says:

    I cannot find it in the app catalogue for German Palm Pre. Is it still coming up?

  2. Micha says:

    I’d love to use this app for my Palm Pre . Is that available? Thanks…

  3. a. paulhan says:

    whats the matter, is this app available or not?

  4. Micha says:

    Hi again,
    sorry, but I can’t find it in the APP store of Palm…
    Any idea?

  5. Ben says:


    I have a question. I tried to get this through my Palm Pixi Plus but there seems to be something wrong that doesn’t let me install it on my phone. Someone mentioned that maybe after a certain date something changed with palm apps but I am not sure. Have you heard of anyone having similar problems?


  6. Max says:

    Thanks a lot, works great! Didn’t expect to find a client for webOS 🙂

  7. andi says:

    Hi temirlan,

    how can I install this app on my Palm Pre?
    thanks for helping, would love to use it but can’t find it in the app catalogue

  8. Andi says:

    would be graet if you can send me the app. How can I install it then on the pre?

  9. Walter Ernestus says:

    I also not found the app for webOS. Where can i get the diwnload. Please help



  10. annuka says:

    so happy someone is looking after us almost abandoned WebOS users! thanks so much! unfortunately i can’t find the app in the german app catalog (palm pre). could you help me out? i`d really appreciate it!

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